We use a state-of-the-art grooming station, with built in illumination, so no mistakes are made when trimming the underside of your dog.
We offer many different kinds of packages and each can be tailored to your dogs needs. 
It all starts with the Basic Bath with additional services at your request.

Basic Bath: A luxurious bath with House Shampoo, ear cleaning, nail trim and buff if needed, and a light brush out.  

Basic Groom: A Basics Bath plus clipping or shaving. 

Anti-Itch: An herbal bath featuring the theraputic benefits of Oatmeal Shampoo.  Extra thick conditioner is used to soothe irritation and make your dog more comfortable.  Butter Balm is added to any hot spots, and or flea bites to help aid the healing process.

De-Bug: Got Fleas?  Well no more with all natural Flea and Tick dip.  Kills fleas and ticks while relieving itching.  The de-bugging is followed by a soothing conditioner of your choice to remoisturize and sooth the skin.  Any hot spots and flea bites are treated with Butter Balm. 

De-Shed: Got Big Hair?  Have your shedding little buddy treated with De-shed shampoo and solution.  After coming squeaky clean a heavy remoisturizer is added to the coat.  While covered in conditioner the high velocity dryer is used to lift and blow out all the dead underhair.  A final brush out using the Fur-minator eliminates any residual hair and leaves a super soft coat.

Hypo Allergenic: We offer a number of hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners with and without fragrance