If you are going out of town for a few days, send your dog to Downtown Hownds for dog daycare and overnights. That way, they can get a vacation too!

Your dog will play with others in daycare throughout the day, and then sleep by themselves or with their siblings throughout the night.

We provide bedtime snacks and bed for your dog, you need to provide their food or use our meal plan.

Downtown Hownds is an "open" environment without individual kennel runs. The staff evaluates all dogs prior to dog daycare or any overnight reservations.

Please call for Boarding Rates

Boarding includes daycare during normal operating hours.
Overnights are available for a limited number of dogs.

There will be no discounts for late drop offs or early pick-ups
There will be no pick-ups on Sunday during Holiday weekends

Please call in advance to make a reservation or for more information.